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Pregnancy Testing


If you think you may be pregnant, a medical professional will administer a pregnancy test and talk with you about the results. If your test is positive, she will help determine an approximate due date according to your LMP, and upon request, will provide a verification which may be necessary for insurance purposes or other community agencies.

Post Abortion Support


Some women struggle after experiencing an abortion. There may be feelings of guilt, regret, grief over the loss of your baby and a number of other thoughts and feelings you had not anticipated when making this decision. We are not a replacement for professional counseling, but some of us have been where you are, and we are here for you to offer a safe space and compassion.

Options Education


We have a skilled team of trained staff and medical professionals who are available to listen and advocate for our clients. They offer a caring, confidential*, non-judgmental presence as they partner with clients who may be making a difficult pregnancy decision. We provide evidence based education on pregnancy options including abortion risks and procedures.

Classes & Material Support


We have lessons that provide evidence-based education that are a valuable resource to help women (and men) become more confident in preparation for a 1st baby’s arrival and those already parenting an infant or toddler. We offer these at NO COST through our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) Program.




*All Services are confidential as allowed by law.


Being so young, I was really scared and anxious about being judged. The ladies here have been nothing but wonderful to me, not judging me at all, and all of the information and help I’ve received – I can’t even express how grateful I am.

I like how they’re professional but real. I took 2 pregnancy tests at home and needed a verification so I came here. I wasn’t certain what I was going to do and was a bit nervous, but the nurse and other lady were really nice. We even laughed while we talked which helped me relax a bit. And they didn’t judge me. They let me talk and I feel like they actually heard me.

Thank you so much for everything – for making me feel comfortable and being sensitive and actually interested in my situation.

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