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Welcome toPremier Choice for Women   

 It's All About You!  

Unplanned Pregnancy?          Not sure what to do?          Need Resources?          We're Here for You!

All of our services at Premier Choice for women are free and confidential.
If you have been sexually active and you have missed a period or your period is late, come in and put your mind at ease.  We will offer you care and resources in a non-judgemental environment to help you in this uncertain time.




*All Services are confidential as allowed by law.


Being so young, I was really scared and anxious about being judged. The ladies here have been nothing but wonderful to me, not judging me at all, and all of the information and help I’ve received – I can’t even express how grateful I am.

I like how they’re professional but real. I took 2 pregnancy tests at home and needed a verification so I came here. I wasn’t certain what I was going to do and was a bit nervous, but the nurse and other lady were really nice. We even laughed while we talked which helped me relax a bit. And they didn’t judge me. They let me talk and I feel like they actually heard me.

Thank you so much for everything – for making me feel comfortable and being sensitive and actually interested in my situation.

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